Experts in

Life Insurance

In life insurance our experience comprises:
Analysis and construction of rates.
Profit Analysis and Testing Asset Liability Matching.

Non Life insurance

In non-life insurance our experience comprises:
Experience Analysis and ratemaking.
Evaluation of technical provisions using stochastic methods, allowing sensitivity analysis (IBNR, IBNER).
Assessment and design of Bonus Malus Systems.

Pension Funds

Support the design, implementation and explanation to the HR of a pension plan suited to their needs.
Update existing pension plans in order to motivate, retain and reward the best performers.
Follow actuarial, financial and economic evaluation of liabilities in a pension plan.
Analysis of the adequacy of the strategy used or propose a new strategy to ensure the goals of the Pension Plan.
Advice on how to finance the costs of the Plan objectives, monitoring dynamic changes to the legislation.
Analysis of investment performance and its adequacy to liabilities short, medium and long term (ALM).


Optimization of Reinsurance results : Reinsurance utility;  Reinsured risks analysis;  Reinsurance premium; Reinsurance company participation in results;  Catastrophic events impact;  Adequacy of catastrophic provisions.

Mobile Development

Development of high quality Android and Apple applications.


Advanced training in several areas of mathematics, such as Actuarial Science, Statistics, Pensions, Finance, Operational Research.

Our work

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