Magentakoncept  is a highly qualified firm with the technical and scientific expertise, encompassing:

  • Valuation of pension liabilities (including assets versus liabilities analysis);
  • Valuation and Projection of Financial Assets Portfolio;
  • Elaboration of appointed Actuary reports for Life, Non-Life Insurance and Pension Funds;
  • Valuation of Health liabilities;
  • Valuation of technical/mathematical provisions, on all insurance categories, for both national and international Clients;
  • Elaboration and implementation of advanced training programs targeted at Insurance Board staff in financial and actuarial fields;
  • Analysis of Reinsurance treaties;
  • Elaboration of statistical surveys according to the best practices; Sampling Design; Development Of Concepts, Methods, and Design; Collection Of Data; Processing and Editing of Data; Production of Estimates and Projections; Data Analysis; Review Procedures; Dissemination of Information Products. Elaboration of all kinds of questionnaires adapted for specific types of survey (CAPI, CATI, etc.).
  • Elaboration of high quality Android and Apple applications.

The partners of magentakoncept have a vast experience in the development of scientific and technical activities in partnership with other institutions, namely Research Centres, Auditing Firms, Pension Funds Management and Insurance Companies .