Other services

otherservices1Social Security:
A simulator for the Portuguese Social Security. It is a planning tool that lets you see a projection of your entire working carrer and forecast your retirement pension.

Loss Reserving:
Application of deterministic and stochastic methods, using R software, to obtain the expected value and deviation of the Claim Reserves.

Valuation of Pension Plans:
Actuarial valuation to determine the responsibilities and costs of the Pension Plan. Includes data analysis, calculation of the actuarial liability, normal cost, pension liabilities, duration of pension liabilities, analysis of the financing plan, expected evolution of the population and sensitivity analysis. Projection of actuarial liabilities ​​until the end of the fund with confidence intervals.

Valuation of Health Plans.

Accounting Directive N. 19.

Design of tailored products for specific lines of business with accurately predict risk and pricing.